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Affiliate Video Bots Review

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e-digital product gives you the chance to become the best affiliate marketer by providing you with four brand new softwares

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To most business visionaries, Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry and Affiliate Video marketing is the bread and butter.
However, let’s come down to the fact that not any business can generate free traffic boost sales, and earn the profit easily. The reason behind this fact is video content. In order to make a high-quality video that can drive free traffic, you must go through a long-way process with many complicated steps. Therefore, you have to pay money for lots of professional designers, editors, copywriters just to create a video for your website. I mean, is it worth it if you can now have a brand new tool called Affiliate Video Bot PRO to do all these tasks for you?
So what is Affiliate Video Bot PRO exactly? Take a look at my Affiliate Video Bot PRO Review and you will know!

Affiliate Video Bot PRO Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Chris X
  • Product: Affiliate Video Bot PRO
  • Launch date: 2019 – May – 06
  • Launch time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-end Price: $27
  • Niche: Software
  • Salepage:
  • Bonus: Yes!
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is Affiliate Video Bot PRO?

Affiliate Video Bot PRO is the ultimate and upgraded version of Video Bots that automatically creates content based on the sales page of the product you’re promoting. Indeed, this e-digital product gives you the chance to become the best affiliate marketer by providing you with four brand new softwares. This professional software has already been pre-loaded with thousands of affiliate programsvoice-oversvideo slidesmusic, which are ready to do all the task for you.
What is more, Affiliate Video Bot PRO can be used as a mean to promote unlimited customer websites by providing the full agency rights of Affiliate Video Bot PRO once you have it in your marketing toolbox.

The Author – Chris X

Chris X is the one who created Affiliate Video Bot PRO. He is well-known for e-digital products with excellent quality. During this time, he has been scanning for and making numerous fruitful items. I additionally absorbed a considerable amount of his items and I found that they all got a great deal of thankfulness from advertisers and specialists. So far, Rick has now ready to launch Affiliate Video Bot PRO – the 37 upgraded version of his previous product which is Affiliate Video Bots.
If you can, try some products he created, they will not make you disappointed. If you have any question to ask, do not hesitate to contact him.

Four-in-One Video Marketing SoftwareFeatures and Benefits

Affiliate Video Bot PRO comes with the 4-in-1 design that offers the user 4 softwares, including video creatingcontent slide buildingYouTube video researching, and up-to-date affiliate program searching. By combining all these four powerful softwares, you can now create thousands of profitable videos for any site to get free traffic and sales!

Innovative Extracting Video Option

Another unique point of Affiliate Video Bot PRO is its ability to extract all kind of images from any video file. This feature of Affiliate Video Bot PRO makes it more outstanding than any other video making tool. Not to mention, Affiliate Video Bot PROincludes the rapid video creator which is the fastest way in creating a money-making video in 2019.

37 Upgraded Features In the Latest Version

Instead of installing and designing 27 features in the old version, the manufacturer has combined 37 new features in the most recent version. This upgrade version shows both the improvement of Affiliate Video Bot PRO’s performance and the quality of this product to clients.

Upgrading Professional Artificial Intelligence Searching Tool

This feature has made Affiliate Video Bot PRO become invincible in the eyes of all other products available on the market today. Affiliate Video Bot PRO version has been installed with the world’s first money-making search weapon called Artificial Intelligence Search PRO. This engine is a perfect way to get a visual instant feeling of any niche once you have saved any kind of website you preferred and accessed the so-called visual “brainstorm” mode, demonstrating websites with an eye-catching Pinterest-like layout.

Researching All Sources Of Video On YouTube

Let’s say, you have arranged everything to get it done. But, what you are so desperate to have right now is a traffic campaign that can set you free and help you begin profiting. This is when the function of researching video sources of Affiliate Video Bot PROappears to rescue you. By accessing pre-stacked 100 top hot keywords, in just a minute, this function of Affiliate Video Bot PRO will start researching any kind of niche market on YouTube channel and find out which one is related, along with the recommended keywords. For each keyword, there will be top fifty videos for the function of Affiliate Video Bot PRO to watch over. What is more, twelve metrics for every single video will be viewed on the one-and-only dashboard day by day. To bring out the best results from this online platform, this Youtube video researcher feature also estimates the benefits as well as the length of each video or link.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate Video Bot PRO is unlike any other complicated video making software as this innovative product was designed for everyone. You do not have to be a technician to apply this tool. It is so easy as one – two – three to utilize Affiliate Video Bot PRO:
  • Step#1: Choose an affiliate program to promote. Affiliate Video Bot PRO will provide you the top forty ones right from your browser.
  • Step#2: Drag and drop to pick up the slides for your video
  • Step#3: Sit back and let the app do it job

Who Should You Buy It?

If you are the person who doesn’t want to do much work but still want to have a high-quality video, Affiliate Video Bot PRO is for you. I highly recommend this professional tool for affiliate marketing business purposes, which means those people should be using this tool are:
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Marketing freelancers
  • Social Media marketers
  • Online Business owners
  • Video Promoter
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Digital marketers
  • Vloggers

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • AI Search PRO Upgrade – Traffic Search Engine
  • Web Widgets PRO – 10-in-1 Software
  • Affiliate Ads 2.0 – Extra Banners Expansion pack
  • Banner Builder Software – Pro Features x 3
  • Dropaveli Pro – Domain Archive
  • YouTube Traffic Software
  • 1 Click Sketch – Create Whiteboard Doodle Videos
  • Traffic DB – Traffic Database
  • FlipDB – $26K/month website DB


Up to this point, I don’t have any complaints about Affiliate Video Bot PRO.

Price and Evaluation

$27 is the price you need to pay to have all the advanced features of Affiliate Video Bot PRO. Since this is risk-free, you should take this price as an advantage to grab a copy of Affiliate Video Bot PRO for yourself.
In case you are still considering whether to buy this product, the provider gives you a 7-day product trial policy. Then, if you feel this is not your thing, you can absolutely stop using it.
Since its price such a good deal, why not try it? HERE

Affiliate Video Bots Review – Conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my Affiliate Video Bots Review! Thank you a bunch for staying with me to the end of this review. I am pretty sure that you will definitely not want to use any other product once you have used this powerful tool. It would be a shame to miss out on it, especially when its price is only $27 today!
Hopefully, you will make a wise decision. See you next time!

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