5 best email marketing services for small business


The importance of email marketing

When it comes to any business, whether it is online or offline, and regardless of the niche it is operating in, email marketing is always one of the top priorities to optimizes the leads and sales volume. An effective email marketing campaign can give back to you unlimited possibilities for conversion.

People these days spend much of their time online; email marketing thus becomes a highly potential marketing platform. Especially for the small business, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective means they can rely on. And if you are striving for high-performance email campaigns, these 5 best email marketing services for small business will definitely help you out.



In the email marketing service playground, MailChimp appears as a young player. This tool is most known for its easy-to-use interface and newbie-friendly working platform. Thus, if you are a small business or a start-up with a low to medium need of email campaigns, MailChimp should then be a part of your toolbox.


Beautiful pre-made templates

MailChimp provides many different email templates for your campaign. It makes your emails, especially the newsletters much more stunning and professional in the eyes of the recipients.

User-friendly features

Many marketers are in favor of this email marketing tool because of its easy-to-use concept. It’s simple to deploy and manipulate; it’s straightforward and ideal for those who just get started. It’s fair to say that the built-in campaign builder has made email marketing a breeze.

Increasing popularity with upgraded features

In comparison with other email marketing tools, MailChimp is the one that comes with most improvements since its birth. More and more people are switching to use MailChimp instead of any complicated email marketing software. With this ever-growing favor, MailChimp has come with many upgraded features.

Forever free account with up to 2000 subscribers

MailChimp appears as one of the most reasonable email apps in today’s market as its offer a high-value package of features even for the free account. And for small businesses, 2000-subscriber capacity is just enough.


  • No mid-range pricing plan
  • Force users to double opt-in to join the list

Active Campaign


Active Campaign is more than just an email marketing automation tool. It combines email marketing, CRM, and sales automation into one single platform. If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to facilitate your business, Active Campaign is then an excellent choice of app. And if you are running an eCommerce store, this tool is definitely worth your consideration.


Customizable sign-up forms

This tool offers beautiful and highly engaging email templates and allows for massive customization on mobile-friendly sign-up forms. You can then display these forms on any website or social media account.

Comprehensive CRM system

What sets Active Campaign apart from its counterparts is that it gives you a high-performance CRM system. This tool is a helpful companion to keep track of your target customers and close the deals faster.

Effective segmentation and unique contact discovery feature

With Active Campaign, you can group your contacts based on their locations, behavior patterns, actions, and social profiles. And what seems to make it deserve to be one of the 5 best email marketing services for small business is that it can collect additional information about the contacts using their email only.

An all-inclusive platform for handling a small business

Active Campaign may not be the easiest or the pretties email tool out there on the marketing. But the most important thing is, it gets the job done. It is a top choice for those striving for the high efficiency of the campaign’s performance. Active Campaign can help you to manage your leads and deploy automation campaigns to convert leads into customers quickly and effectively.


  • High pricing plans
  • No built-in survey features



Aweber is an oldie in the industry; it provides many features relating to email creation, list management, autoresponder, and tracking. It comes into the market with its reputation for massive customer support. Its extensive functionality is attractive for those willing to spend time and effort exploring the system.


Comprehensive customer support

There are thousands of Aweber testimonials admitting that they have absolutely nothing to complain about this tool because the customer support is exceptionally good. Support options are available in live chat, email & phone support, webinars, and countless how-to tutorials.

High-performance tracking features

If you want to be more advanced in your email marketing skill, Aweber should be the choice. It has useful features for you to better monitor the performance of your campaigns. Split-testing, behavior tracking, third-party integrating, email scheduling, you have them all at your fingertips.

700+ templates to choose from

With Aweber, you don’t need to be a designing expert. Aweber provides a vast library of email templates for you to customize with ease. In comparison with other email marketing tools, Aweber is superior in this aspect.

Sustainable quality and reputation

To be honest, Aweber hasn’t changed much in the recent 5 years. However, its performance barely has anything to complain about. Its reputation is reinforced by the time it has been on the marketer and the number of its happy testimonials.


  • Not competitively easy-to-use
  • Confusing Legacy Follow-up Series

Now Lifestyle


If you want free leads on complete autopilot, you will love Now Lifestyle. Even though it is one of the youngest players in the industry, Now Lifestyle has how been gaining its popularity among email marketers. More than just an email marketing tool, Now Lifestyle is also a lead & traffic generator for anyone looking for a simple way to earn affiliate commissions.


Generate evergreen leads

Now Lifestyle is a powerful automation software tool that can drive massive loads of leads to your offers. Its system eliminates the need for any manual involvement in the attempt of acquiring high-quality leads.

Free & organic traffic

Now Lifestyle does not require you pay any single nickel for getting the traffic. Instead of paying for your ads campaigns, you can use Now Lifestyle as a cost-free mean of generating viral traffic.

Newbie-friendly 4-step working procedure

Anyone can use Now Lifestyle to start making commissions from their offers. Once you get into its working platform, you can get to know the way it works in no more than ten minutes. Now Lifestyle is my recommendation for all the beginners in online marketing.

Professional autoresponder

Now Lifestyle acts as an autoresponder that can optimize the performance of your email campaigns. Its autopilot working mechanism helps you to save a great deal of your time and effort for improving the leads and sales.


  • Little brand awareness
  • Not really focus on email marketing features



Whether the title is top 10 or top 5 best email marketing services for small business, GetResponse will always deserve to be on the list. This email marketing tool is pretty much similar to Aweber – an old gamer with a long-lasting reputation in the industry.


Smart automated campaign

GetResponse helps you to boost your profits by providing drag-and-drop campaign builder, smart segmentation features, and comprehensive testing & tracking functions.

Google Analytics integration

This tool is one of the best tools for testing and tracking the performance of the email campaigns. With its extensive integration with Google Analytics, it’s easy for you to have the bird-eye view of your campaigns and monitor them on time.

Affordable pricing

Even though GetResponse has come to the market for a long time, the pricing plan has been very stable. Also, the pricing stays affordable even when your list grows. For those who don’t want to overspend on their email marketing strategy, GetResponse can be a good help.

Dynamic content block

GetResponse makes it easy and quick for its users to personalize their email content. It seems that GetResponse has been following the trend in digital marketing. It has strived forward the user-friendly UX/UI design.


  • No refund
  • Lack of event management features

Bottom Line

Above are my recommendations for the top 5 best email marketing services for small business. Depending on your expectation and intention of use, I hope you can opt for one that best fits your niche and business. Thank you for spending your time on this writing.

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