ChromEngage Review – Tap Into the Traffic Pool of Google Chrome with More than 1 Billion Users

ChromEngage Review

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As online marketers, have you ever gotten the problem of increasing the number of your traffic sources? I bet you do; the market has become so competitive that traditional sources of traffic seem not enough for everyone. If you have tried with websites, social networks, free online platforms, etc. but you still need to improve your traffic, it’s time for a brand new method.

The new pool of traffic I am mentioning is Google Chrome; of course you know about it. Chrome is the most popular and powerful browser in the world with more than 1.5 billion regular users. You can imagine the benefits you may get if you can approach these users for leads and traffic.

The question is “How to do it”? Luckily, there is a new application that can solve your suspicions without much trouble. It will help you to create Chrome Extensions, then you will publish them on Google Play to find users, and these users will become your new leads and traffic. That software is ChromEngage, and the best part is that a complete newbie can use it effortlessly. Let’s find out more in my ChromEngage Review!

ChromEngage Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  • Product: ChromEngage
  • Sales Page: Click HERE
  • Launch Date: 2017-Aug-18
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend

What is ChromEngage?

No technical skill, no experience, no knowledge are required to use ChromEngage. It is a brand new, newbie-friendly application that will enable you to build any Chrome extensions in less than two minutes. When users choose your plug-in on Google Play, they will become your subscribers, and you will enjoy massive additional leads and traffic. The best part is that this method generates massive flows of traffic without any costs, and you can direct your audience to any landing pages.

About the Authors

Cindy Donovan is an infamous online marketer with numerous successful products such as Commission Sumo, Rank Hijack, etc. The most noticeable characteristic of her works is that they always find out innovative, lucrative ways to increase your benefits in this difficult market. With the new software ChromEngage, she has proved that her creativity can help you to earn money with the largest source of traffic.

What are the Features of ChromEngage?

Making Chrome Extensions Effortlessly

You can build a functional Chrome plug-in with ChromEngage in less than 2 minutes without any knowledge in programming. The application let you work with a responsive, interpretable dashboard. Only a few clicks are all requirements for your extensions to go live and earn money.

Support for Google Chrome

The browser from Google is the most popular across any hardware and operating system platforms. With ChromEngage, you are now able to tap into the traffic pool of more than 1 billions users. This fact is even more beneficial since there are not many marketers knowing the way to exploit Chrome to earn traffic.

Push Notifications

This is the feature to ensure that your audience will not be able to ignore your messages. Push notifications will bring your ads to the front screens of your users’ smartphones, even when your extensions are not running on their devices.

Updates for Your Extensions

In case you want to change the landing pages, messages or you want to improve your plug-ins, don’t worry because you can update your extensions easily. The updates will be created in the zip format; you only need to upload them to Google Play.

Decorating Your Ads

With the customization ChromEngage offers to you, your ads will become as interesting as you want. You can change styles, types, colors, fonts of your ads. You can also decide the way your customers interact with the messages.

Adding any Landing Pages

You can choose any websites you want your customers to visit in your extensions. This is actually convenient to your customers since they can access your sites anytime they want without opening a new tab.

Get First-Page Rankings on Google Search

Because your plugins are listed on the app store of Google itself, your extensions will become a tool to legally increase your rankings. The more users download your plugins, the higher rankings your sites will get on Google Search results.

Price and How to Buy It?

These are the bundle and their features for you to consider:

ChromEngage is now offering the best pricing for the early birds. Thus, if you want to enjoy a higher value of your money, you’d better take your action as fast as possible. Grab it before the price increase. Visit the sales page HERE.

How does It Work?

ChromEngage is really simple to use; you will not touch a single line of code. All of your tasks will be:

  • Step 1: Create an extension and its promotion campaigns.
  • Step 2: Fill in the necessary information in the prepared form.
  • Step 3: Choose the way your messages will interact with your customers
  • Step 4: Publish it and wait for it to go “Live”
  • Step 5: Add your pages and enjoy massive profits

To know in details how it works, watch the demo video:

Why Should You Buy It?

Innovative Method of Earning Money

There are very few applications that take advantages from the gigantic traffic pool of Google to generate leads, subscribers and traffic. That is the reason ChromEngage will give you an edge over your competitors. On top of that, your users will access your sites much more frequently since they can not ignore the push notifications, so your profits will skyrocketing in a short time.

You Don’t Need Any Programmers to Help You with Making Chrome Extensions

Making plugins traditionally requires extensive programming skills and experience. The situation has changed with the appearance of ChromEngage. Now you can make any extensions in less than two minutes, all you need to do is a few clicks. Updating your previous extensions is easy-to-do, too. Therefore, you can make a large number of extensions for a lot of sites to maximize your revenue.


I have never known any applications that can build Chrome extensions on complete autopilot. I have hired some programmers to create some plug-ins for me, but the cost was not affordable. Now, I can make my extensions on my own with only a $27 investment. Moreover, ChromEngage is one of the first software on the market to exploit Google Chrome for additional traffic and leads. It also serves as a mean to increase the rankings of your sites. Thus, the results is very satisfying.


Being able to turn a part of nearly two billions Internet users into your traffic is a capabilities you should not overlook. It may improve your business in a way you can not imagine. On top of that, your sites will get to first pages of Google Results without you pay a single buck for backlinks since Google treats extensions on their store very highly.

The software is so simple to use that I have created numerous plugins for myself. I have gotten benefits from it, so why don’t you? It is a really cheap investment as $27, not to mention that there are 30 days of money back guarantee! Enjoy an innovative business way over your competitors now. Thank you for reading my ChromEngage Review! Bye!

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