ConvertProof Review – Your New Way To Boost Conversions

ConvertProof Review – A New Social Proof Marketing Strategy


When it comes to buying new products, people have a tendency to follow the advice or the experience of other people who used to buy the product. It would be the most honest and truest source of information for them to decide whether to buy or not.

Being fully aware of that, Cyril has made a product that allows you to take advantage of social proof in order to encourage people to buy more. It’s called ConvertProof which use psychological urges to make an offer. Follow my ConvertProof Review to find out more information!

ConvertProof Rating!!!
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Pros and cons


- No need to learn graphics or coding skills
- No need to search for marketing ideas or sales pitch
- Works with all types of conversion
- Cloud-based
- Integrate on your site with just one single line of coding
- Analyse data effectively


- Need stable Internet connection
- The product is not suitable for newbies

ConvertProof – Overview

  • Author: Cyril Jeet
  • Product: ConvertProof
  • Launch Date: September 2th, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47-$67
  • Sales Page
  • Niche: General

What is ConvertProof?

ConvertProof is a brand new software that allows users to present authentic conversions with other people. It shows real information about the other customers including real names, real images, real places, and more.

The product is completely cloud-based which can integrate any kind of platform, any site, even your custom script.

Social proof is one of the most important forces that influence purchasing habit. It may even be the only thing that can persuade a person’s decision in buying something. ConvertProof provides users a professional platform to show these social proof on your website, therefore attract more viewers and get sales.

About author


ConvertProof was made by Cyril Jeet. Cyril is a famous marketer in digital marketing. Having worked in the industry for many years, he has gained a huge amount of experience related to the field. Until now, he has successfully launched a lot of products such as Live Caster, TuberankJeet, Mighty, Pinflux, Multiply and more.

Cyril Jeet has been the main developer of many products. He also has some products that are awarded “product of the day” such as List Janitor and Live Caster. This piece of information somehow gives us more trust in the quality of his products. Let’s check out the next part of my ConvertProof Review to know its features.

Feature details


Below are some outstanding features of ConvertProof:

  • SAAS based
  • Easily integrates with your sites with just one single code
  • Illustrate real names, pictures, graphics, etc on your site to gain more trust
  • Combine with all shopping system such as JVZoo, WooComerce, and Shopify
  • Detection of sales and conversions

Using ConvertProof, you have a whole system to boost conversions more effectively than any other ways you can find on the Internet. Third party recommendations would be the best strategy to persuade viewers. With real and live graphics, it is hard not to believe the genuineness of the products you are selling.

ConvertProof is really a phenomenon as it saves users from a bunch of complicated work. All you have to do is log in and the tool will start to work instantly. There would be no trouble for you to integrate with any common shopping system on the market.

I have seen some products that are launched with similar features, but most of them come with a very high price. If you look at some other parts of my review, you will see ConvertProof is launched with a relative price that anyone can buy.

How does it work?

Just follow these steps below to get things done:

Step#1: Connect your URL with ConvertProof

Step#2: Put ConvertProof conversion pixel on the site

Step#3: Enjoy the conversions and sales

It’s as simple as that.

Within the demo video below, Cyril Jeet, the creator of ConvertProof, is going to show how the software works

Who should use it?

I would recommend ConvertProof to those who are running a website and need more conversions of any kind: product creators, affiliates, e-commerce store owners, and more.

Although the software does not require a high level of technical skills and knowledge base, newbies who just jump to the industry would have to struggle a lot to use ConvertProof properly. They may not know how to make use of the features effectively. That’s why I would not highly recommend ConvertProof for this group of audience.


To begin this part of the ConvertProof Review, I would like to draw some advantages of the tool:

ConvertProof can run on all devices even Mac. Since it is completely cloud-based, it can run on your browser easily, or anywhere. Not only that, ConvertProof supports all platforms such as Facebook Conversion Pixel. The software is designed with a very small JS file asynchronous technology to avoid slowing down your computer. The website will work out just fine.

For those who are wondering how to integrate, it’s super easy. Just put the conversion pixel on the page in which you accept emails from customers and the page in which you want to show social proof. That’s all you should do. The vendor tried to simplify everything to help boost your productivity.

As I mentioned above, ConvertProof works with all types of conversions. Not only sales, you can use it for e-book sign-up, list building, bonuses, give away or anything that needs conversions.

The conversions are truly authentic. This method makes use of a psychological habit of people to get more sales, which is totally different from what you see in other similar tools. They may use tips or tricks to boost conversions but with ConvertProof, everything is authentic.

Moving onto the part ConvertProof lacks. First of all, it cannot approach to all types of marketers. I don’t think this product would be a wise choice for newbies because there are some steps that require marketing skills from those who have worked 1 or 2 years or more in the industry.

Secondly, because it’s cloud-based, those who may not have a stable Internet connection would be at a disadvantage. But this is not a big deal because a stable Internet connection is not hard to get these days.

User experience

I accidentally discovered the software via a friend. The idea of ConvertProof is amazing. Not only can it boost conversions effectively, it also improves engagement. ConvertProof offers a creative way to simplify the whole process of engagement to customers.

Selling products online is always a task that requires a lot of skills. You need to combine many elements at the same time to be able to sell more. The social evidence is presented to the viewers to persuade them that there were many other people doing the exact same thing. Then they are more likely to download and buy my products. ConvertProof indeed makes a very smart strategy.

I have been looking for such a product for so long. Something that can boost conversions real quick and effectively. ConvertProof meets all of my demands. It also offers great automation which leaves me more free time for other business tasks. This is a tool that all marketers should have in their tool box.

ConvertProof Review – Evaluation and Price

I hope my ConvertProof Review has given you a new look about the product as well as what it can do. ConvertProof is launched with a front-end price ranging from $47 to $67.

Amongst a sea of conversion-boosting tools, ConvertProof is a great method for those who are looking for a simple yet effective solution. With some bucks, you already have a smart tool to grow your sales figure. Grab ConvertProof through button below.

The vendor offers a 30 days money back guarantee to make sure customers completely satisfied with the tool he provides. If there is anything wrong with the way the tool works, you have the first 30 days to claim and ask for a full refund. Thanks for following! Goodbye!


A quick note: I’m a marketer. So if you decide to buy the products reviewed here, it will give me a little commission. Put real trust when you feel believe in someone. I’m not sure that everything works, but I’m sure that when you buy through the divine buttons on this site, you have nothing to lose. The 30-day risk-free guarantee is always ready to refund. In addition, you will also receive large amounts of bonuses from my site.


Plus you will also get the following bonuses from Cyril Jeet and his team when you decided buy this product

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If you have any questions regarding Convert Proof or the bonus packages here. Please feel free to contact me via the comment form below or contact form. I will respond to your email as soon as I’m able.

Thanks again for stopping at my review!

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