Dropmock Kinetic Review – Make Marketing Videos Like Blockbuster Movies

Dropmock Kinetic Review – Why you need it?


Every online marketer needs promotional videos for their marketing campaigns; there is almost no exception. With the overwhelming numbers of products on the market, you should own a method to capture the attention of your customers, convey the information of your products to them interactively, and build trust. There is no better way to achieve those purposes than using videos.

However, creating videos is a difficult, frustrating task. Normally, you must buy a costly video editor, and your computer must be powerful enough to run it. Worse, this type of applications requires hundreds of hours of training and years of experience. If you feel that the task is impossible, you can hire some technicians to do it, but you should prepare to face a huge budget and days of delay.

Some veteran marketers have realized the desperate situation, and came up with some revolutionized software. One of them is Dropmock Kinetic; it is one of the most user-friendly but capable video editor for marketers that I have tried. If you want an affordable way to make videos by yourself, proceed with my Dropmock Kinetic Review!

Dropmock Kinetic Rating!!
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  • Features
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  • Easy To Use


The main features that I like in this software:

- 100% Cloud-based
- Stunning, Done-for-You Templates
- Professional Cinematic Effects
- No Learning Curve
- Free Video Training

Dropmock Kinetic Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Simon Warner
  • Product: Dropmock Kinetic
  • Sales Page: https://www.kineticlaunch.com/
  • Launch Date: 2017-Oct-12
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend

What is it?

Dropmock Kinetic is a solution for promotional video building; it aims to help online marketers who do not possess enormous budget or technical skills. The software is easy for beginners to work with because it contains several templates for you to base your videos on, instead of making one from scratch. It is also far more affordable compared to other video builders.

The software is very powerful; it can generate effects and animations similar to that of professional videos from highly skilled technicians. Therefore, you can even build videos and sell them to other customers to earn profits.

You should not worry about the computational capabilities of your computer since all of the work, including rendering and editing, will be complete on the modern servers of the platform.

About the Authors


If you are in the field of online marketing long enough, you will probably know the name Simon Warner. He has gotten multiple successful launches during recent years. Most of his applications focus on providing marketers useful marketing like videos, webinars, keyword finder, etc. If you have tried some of his work such as WP Authority Power Suit, ViralNova, Flexi AI, Cloud Movie Machine, etc., then you may also enjoy this product.

What are the Features of Dropmock Kinetic?

100% Cloud-based

One of the foremost reasons that you can meet when you try to create videos is that video editors requires powerful computers to use. That’s why you need to rely on professional video makers to render your videos. But that problem is a thing of the past since Dropmock Kinetic renders, edits, and customize your videos on the powerful cloud-computing service. Therefore, you can create videos pretty much everywhere with an Internet connection and an obsolete PC.

Stunning, Done-for-You Templates

Marketers like you and me also do not want to spend all of our time building videos from nothing because we need to do a lot of other tasks. That’s why Dropmock Kinetic contains some beautiful templates for you to build your videos based upon them. Just choose one and start adjusting other elements right away.

Professional Cinematic Effects

Another reason that we used to pay huge sums of money to pro video makers is because you need experience to make professional, impressive videos. Otherwise, your videos are just plain boring, average with no special effects.

If you do not have some years in order to become a skilled editor, you can rely on Dropmock Kinetic; it can add cinematic effects and make your videos look like something from a Hollywood movie.

No Learning Curve

This the most attractive characteristic of the software in my opinion. You will not need thousands of hours trying to figure out what to do with hundreds of buttons and tabs. Instead, the comprehensive interface allows you to create a video with some clicks, and you can start making a lot of videos immediately even if you are a complete newbie.

Free Video Training

Even though the application is super easy to use, the authors of it included a detailed, in depth training tutorial for you to master the software as smoothly as possible. The training is presented in the form of HD videos so that you can understand it quickly and make your videos like professional technicians in no time.

How to Use It?

Following this simple step-by-step tutorial and you will meet no problem with Dropmock Kinetic:

  • Step#1: Get into your account on the platform
  • Step#2: Choose a type of videos you want to make
  • Step#3: Choose a template from the library
  • Step#4: Add elements such as images, animations, etc. and customize them
  • Step#5: Render the video and download it to your computer

Within the demo video below, The creator of Dropmock Kinetic, is going to show how the software works.

Why Should You Buy It?

You Need an Affordable Tool for Video Marketing

Videos are essential, sometime critical, to your business as a marketer. Without them, you cannot gain trust from your customers and they will know nothing about your products. That’s why you need a tool to make videos in large numbers within a short time.

However, the tool for you must be affordable in terms of money, time, effort because you are a marketer, not a video maker or an editor. For this reason, Dropmock Kinetic seems to be a good choice with low cost, effortless manipulation, and satisfying results.

You Want Your Video to Impress the Customers

Your videos will give the first impression of your products; whether they choose to buy or not depends greatly on the contents and appearance of your videos. But if you choose Dropmock Kinetic then it is guaranteed that your customers will be totally convinced when they watch your videos since they will have special effects that only blockbuster movies can possess.

The impressive-looking videos can server another purpose: you can make a lot of marketing videos and sell them to other people. You can earn a lot of profits since every niche employ videos. Your customers will trust you since they know you can make professional, highly-converting videos.

Pros and Cons


  • Make professional videos like Hollywood blockbusters
  • Friendly User Interface
  • No requirements for hardware since it is cloud-based
  • Stunning templates
  • Fit any niches
  • Application for beginners
  • Impressive effects and animations


  • The number of templates is rather limited

Dropmock Kinetic FAQ’s:

Are Kinetic videos branded?

No, You can use kinatic’s video for your own Brand

Is there any training?

Yes, the creators of this software is giving you a Bonus live training webinar to help you get up, running creating, selling and getting results from your kinetic videos faster

Can I use this for clients?

Absolutely! Kinetic by Dropmock was designed to help you create blockbuster videos for yourselves and you can earn profits from it

How Many Videos Can I Make?

You can create unlimited videos inside software and can render 20 Kinetic videos to store in your Kinetic Cloud with this

Comparison with Other Products from My Experience

This is one of the most capable video editors for online marketers that you can buy right now. Not only you can make videos with ease and no help, but also you can make your videos like professional technicians. The editing toolbox of Dropmock Kinetic will give your videos animations and special effects like those of blockbuster movies. However, it is far more affordable in terms of money, time, effort compared to costly, frustrated-to-use applications such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas.


If you need impressive, informative promotional videos to edge closer to your customers, you have to take action now. If you are buying a new video editor, you should consider Dropmock Kinetic carefully since it fits almost every requirement of a marketer.

The software is newbie-friendly and has no learning curve; it also costs small an amount of money while delivering impressive capabilities. On top of that, the servers will do all the tasks, so you can work anywhere without worrying about your hardware.

This is the end of my Dropmock Kinetic Review! There is no justification for you to hesitate since you will be given 30 days of money back guarantee. Thank you for reading and bye!


A quick note: I’m a marketer. So if you decide to buy the products reviewed here, it will give me a little commission. Put real trust when you feel believe in someone. I’m not sure that everything works smoothly, but I’m sure that when you buy through the divine buttons on this site, you have nothing to lose. The 30-day risk-free guarantee is always ready to refund. In addition, you will also receive large amounts of bonuses from my site.


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