Instamate 2.0 Review – How To Upload Videos On Instagram From Your Computer & Automate Posts?

Instamate 2.0 Review

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Upload Videos On Instagram From Your Computer

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Hey money-makers on Instagram, before digging into this brand new updated version of the already well-known Instamate – Instamate 2.0 – let me ask you 2 questions I had been wondering ever since started doing Instagram marketing and I believe these are pretty much common headaches to us all: How do you put your Instagram account on autopilot in a smart, light-weight and time-saving way? And how do you upload videos directly from your computer?

Now you may have in your mind several names for the first question and several others for the second. What if I tell you that you can do BOTH in the same one software?

That is what I mean to discuss in this Instamate 2.0 Review so stick with me as I am going to show you how rounded, ultimate and convenient this software is to any Instagram marketer.

What is Instamate 2.0?

So you are reading about the newest update of Instamate – Instamate 2.0, which is a cloud-based website software that helps you do literally everything – from finding, editing, scheduling, uploading, especially uploading videos directly from your computer, to monetizing the most viral contents on social media into your Instagram page – that is needed to earn the craziest money from your Instagram accounts.

Instamate 2.0 Review – Overview

  • VendorLuke Maguire
  • Product: Instamate
  • Launch Date: 2016-Mar-02
  • Front-End Price: $37-$47
  • Niche: Software

What are the features of Instamate 2.0?

Schedule Your Posts

Now let’s get back to my first question – how do put your Instagram account on autopilot in a smartlight-weight and time-saving way?

Hootsuite? ScheduGram? Latergramme? Onlypult? Or TakeOff? Yeah, those used to be the temporary solutions and I have tried a bit of everything much enough to tell they are not the answer I had been looking for. Indeed, they have somewhat solved the problem but with lots of bottlenecks and inconveniences. So I think I probably should as well detail my experience using some of the above tools.



It is true that Hootsuite is delivering an excellent service on various tasks like managing multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google + networks all at one unique place, scheduling updates (of course) both on a calendar and a spreadsheet, customizing analytics and scheduled reports, posting updates from an RSS feed and providing a super helpful supporting system. It also enables users to use it on mobile phone with its own mobile application too and that is very convenient.

Back at the time I was using Hootsuite, it was still allowing people to collaborate as a team so it helped with things like delegating replies, tweets, mark-as-done or tracking messages – for free. Now that free usage has long gone and the price to enact the team function is crazy, especially for small businesses like mine.

About pricing of this software, I can tell you, it totally was not worth for how much it charged. But I will go into details later with pricing comparison of all the alternatives.

Alright, there are actually more but I do not wish to sink you guys in a lagoon of Hootsuite’s disappointments so let’s move on to, uh, the disappointments of ScheduGram.



So this was also another bitter-sweet experience. Perhaps the bitter part was a bit more dominating.

ScheduGram was cute enough to let me try the service for free within 7 days, convenient enough to let me upload photos from my hard drive to the destination, schedule posts (of course) and report in pretty much details about those posts, re-post without re-uploading content, and time-saving enough to keep my accounts logged in. It also has somewhat a special software that can “bypass” Instagram’s Terms of Use and get access to Instagram’s API.

Now it comes the bitter part of the experience. After the trial period, lots of fucked-up things happened. First, only 2 out of 10 of my scheduled posts actually showed up while all of them were reported as successfully posted. In fact, those 2 surviving posts were deleted a few days, or even, minutes after being posted without leaving any trace – no spamming warning or error message. So after consistent attempts, it turned out that ScheduGram just did not let me post many photos within a day while it had promised that the waiting time between posts could be up to only 15 minutes. I ended up posting only 3 photos per day, 5 hours apart, and only 2 actually appeared on my Instagram.

It was very obvious that there was no reason to keep using ScheduGram so that was the end of my story with the software. Another fail attempt to find a decent Instagram post scheduler.

Instamate 2.0


What about Instamate 2.0? Instamate’s Auto Scheduler granted an IP address to my account so I could schedule content – both photos and videos – and be totally guaranteed that it will appear at the exact time on my Instagram page. No mess-up at all. Everything worked smoothly, on time and most crucially, never got deleted. This Auto Scheduler also allowed me to add and automate up to 2 extra Instagram accounts and brought my total possible account number to 5. I always had the ability to post my scheduled posts instantly, edit them or change the date.

And you know what – Instamate used my Google Chrome and IP to post to Instagram, which means the software’s behavior will be more human-like because by using my IP for posting, it did not look like a bot. So you know, the social networks do not favor bots very much and especially when it comes to Instagram, any bot-like behaviors may cause the account to be banned. That was why the posts never got deleted. When I figured this out, I was even so much more excited about this Instamate 2.0.

So to be able to make the most out of this Instamate 2.0, you need to get the Auto Schedule one-time offer, which is not free. If you do not want it, that is fine too, you still can schedule posts just like I did. The difference is you will need to leave your computer turned on just so Instamate 2.0 can use your Google Chrome to post – that is all.

I would like to just mention about the features here and let the pricing comparison to be discussed in the pricing part later on in this Instamate 2.0 Review so keep moving on with me till you have a complete picture about Instamate 2.0.

Allow Videos to Be Uploaded Directly From Your Computer


Now what about solution to my second question? I can name several soft wares that could be of service to the question myself too – like BlueStacks App PlayerGamblr, or even Dropbox. However, I was only using those tools in hope for a better software to be made and was so ready to take my hands off them anytime.

BlueStacks App Player was a phone emulator that I installed on my computer. What I needed to do was searching for “Instagram” with the software’s search engine and also installing it just so when I ran Instagram on computer I could see videos that other people had uploaded. Then I had to install another software that acted as a media uploader – I used Media Sync – to finally be able to upload videos from my computer to Instagram. I can hardly imagine how I managed to use this software back then because I could just fall asleep halfway describing how to use it. I did not had it in use for a long while though.

Gamblr was another trial. The good news is it was simpler to install and use. The bad news is it was not totally compatible with my Mac – like seriously? But no – so I tried with a Windows computer and it made me fork over my Instagram password so goodbye Gamblr. No question asked.

That was how I got back to classic – uploading videos stored in Dropbox. Too simple. Yet the disadvantage was the option did not give me any access to Instagram’s filtering feature. So I had to edit the video somewhere, put it in my Dropbox and then upload it. I do not know if any of you like that process, but switching between places is not my thing.

So that was where Instamate 2.0 saved the day. It worked on computer, used Google Chrome to post to Instagram and it definitely could get access into my computer’s library and get any of my desired photos or videos appeared on Instagram, of course, with full editing and scheduling feature applied to those photos and videos. I have never had to use any other software beside Instamate 2.0 to get a single video uploaded from my computer ever since. Oh and Instamate 2.0 does not only allow you to post directly to your Instagram, but also your Instagram Story – for real!

Complete Automation for Your Accounts


Instamate 2.0 uses Instagram Finder to find whatever trending posts you wish to see. Simply enter either a hashtag or a keyword from your desired niche and it will search all the related contents on Instagram based on your input.

With that being said, the product has totally put my Instagram account on autopilot for life. It helped finding the most viral content on the Internet, all social media platforms, daily, in any niche, and engaged the top followers in each particular niche with my posts in a complete automatic way.

Besides, after the search, as I got a list of the most popular content corresponding with the hashtag I had inputted, I could also see how many times a photo was liked, how many comments it received, additional content the users posted with their photos and all the hashtags they used. This made the job of re-using the same hashtags a lot easier and more certain that I was using the proven popular ones.

There was also a repost button that was totally brilliant. All I needed to do was clicking it, Instamate 2.0 then listed all the information related to the content and also added credit to it itself. Then it allowed me to add my hashtags as the first comment to complete a professional post without too many hashtag in the caption – brilliant!

All-In-One Editing – Uploading – Scheduling Machine


Now, I did say Instamate 2.0 is the magical machine that has your videos uploaded directly from your computer and your posts scheduled seamlessly by using solely and entirely only itself, didn’t I? That cannot be done without a software being able to provide a thorough editing function.

Instamate 2.0 let me play freely with my photos and videos. Its editor totally replaces 3 of the most commonly used Instagram image editing tools – text, filter, call to actions – with a full Instagram editing module built inside Instamate 2.0’s editor so we could just stay in one place and have everything done. You can edit the imagery Instamate 2.0 find for you, use all the filters plus many more functions that Instagram has right within Instamate 2.0, add call to actions and make your content look like no other. Perfectly save your time, effort and your computer’s memory space.

Put Affiliate Links into Your Instagram’s Biography

Instamate 2.0 has this thing called Link Cloaker, which is a brilliant tool to monetize your content. Finally I was able to monetize both my updates and advertisements with Instamate 2.0’s Octosuite Autobot cloaker. It safely let me add my affiliate links to Instagram for 1 directly click sales. I was fully grateful to enjoy having my content go viral instantly while monetizing them at the same time.

How does the software work?

Sorry for my speak english is pretty bad so I can’t record video demo for you. You can see the demo below by Luke Maguire, the creator of Instamate, is going to show how the software works.

Price and How to buy it?

Alright now this is the determining part. The price to own an Instamate 2.0 is $37 – $47. I cannot tell the fixed price because this hot issue is absolutely trending and pricing could be increasing. Also, that is the price to get a standard Instamate 2.0, there are one -time offers that you may not want to miss out:

  1. Its Instamate Auto Scheduler is $37 to $47. Without this guy you will have to keep your computer turned on all day to have your scheduled contents posted.
  2. Image & Video Editor is $27 – $37. Surely your Instamate 2.0 will not be an all-in-one machine without it.
  3. VIP Training for $27 – $37. If you have a Viral Autobots and have seen the training there then you know how valuable training sessions of Luke, the guy behind Viral Autobots and this Instamate 2.0, are. This VIP training reveals everything you need to know about generating crazy money on Instagram, Luke’s 6-figure Instagram page and the exact process Luke has used to earn like a boss with Instamate on autopilot. Trust me, they are precious knowledge.
  4. Link Cloaker for $27 – $37. This is the guy that will enable you to add your affiliate link to your Instagram safely. There is training included.
  5. 20 Account Keys for $297. I did not get this because I did not need that many accounts but for big businesses, it may be of help to you.


To purchase the product, you can get access to its official sales pages in HERE or you can buy it through MY LINK and enter coupon code “instalucky” to get a discount of $3 if YOU ARE PLEASED. I will be able to earn some commissions. And of course, I will be honored to give you all of my bonuses, such as some of my tips in making profits with Instagram or special tricks that you can do when using Instamate 2.0. I have been helping most of my friends succeed with those tips so I hope they will be useful for you as well. You can check here

Why I bought Instamate 2.0?

I Never Have to Pay For Ads Again

Well, we all know that organic engagement on Instagram is like over 2 times that of Facebook. Besides, Facebook limits organic reach while Instagram does not. Now with Instamate 2.0 you can empower your Instagram account to maximize your profit without having to pay for Facebook ads ever again.

Only One Software for Everything

No more paying for this scheduler, that poster and another editor. Or having to jump from tools to tools and go through a crazy complex process just to have a single nice photo or video posted. Just relax and play within only one tool like Instamate 2.0, where most parts of the process are already automated for you.

Vendor’s Credibility

Luke Maguire is no stranger to the online marketing world. He has his prestige widely known with Viral AutobotsOctosuite and now Instamate. He launched this Instamate 2.0 last year on March 2nd and picked up approximately 29 thousand and a half sales within a day. Although, to be fair, there are refunds claimed too, but the rate is reasonable for such a crazy sales rate.

Reasons for the claims back then were mostly the scheduling function did not work well when turning off computers, accounts were not able to be deleted once added or slow response on support system. I personally did not experience any of those flaws and for what I have seen on their forums, the problems have been addressed, refunds have been delivered and flaws have been working through. Make sure you get all the information and guarantees you need before purchasing.


I am personally grateful for having come across this software. It did not only totally solve the problem of scheduling posts and uploading videos from computer but also was such a massive supporter on my Instagram marketing tasks, automating everything, driving crazy traffic, and helping generating more money in such a lightweight approach I have ever experienced. The final verdict is absolutely yours. Give a closer look here and see if you want to give it a try:

Thanks for your time on my Instamate 2.0 Review.

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