JVShare Review and How To Make Money On This Platform?

JVShare Review Introduction – Why should you join it right now?


Affiliate marketing is no longer a strange concept and has become a huge industry online. This is the major income source for many marketers. To work in affiliate marketing, you need to connect with vendors and affiliates like you.

For that reason, many affiliate platforms were born. In this JVShare Review, I will introduce to you a completely new affiliate marketing platform. With a small fee on generated revenue, this platform will help you earn much more cash and expand your businesses.

And this upcoming platform is JVShare, a brand-new site introduced by Andrew Darius. Within this platform, affiliate will get commission quickly and secured by lifetime cookie. Vendors will have their funnel sale with minimized expense: free sale page, bonus page,…

Are you curious about this new system yet? Let’s find out more in my JVShare Review right now!

JVshare Rating!!
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  • Features
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The key features when

You are want to become the vendors:

- Free jump start
- Only 2% fee
- Tap into army of affiliates
- Affiliate Motivation Algorithm Built In
- The Propriety Enhanced JVShare JVPay System
- True All-In-One Platform
- JVShare White Label Share Program
- Significantly increase your sales
- Earn Much More Money From Recurring Subscriptions

You want to become the affiliates:

- Get paid immediately
- Lifetime cookie
- Up to 100% commission
- Highest converting offers
- Coupons and Deals
- Bigger Payouts
- Full Stats

JVShare Platform Overview

  • CEO: Andrew Darius of ExplaindioTM LLC
  • Platform: JVShare LLC
  • Release Date (BETA): Wednesday, November 1st 2017
  • Membership Fee: Affiliates – Free
  • Vendors – Free during beta phase
  • $197 – the charged accounts for vendors are expected the introductory ends.
  • Niche: Marketing Platform, Affiliate Network
  • Launch Platform: JVShare
  • Delivery Period: Instant Delivery
  • Official Sitehttp://www.jvshare.com/

What is JVShare?

JVShare is a modern affiliate marketing platform launched in November. With the improvement from old platforms, this system helps users to leverage all the common mistakes from the previous ones.

This is the place for both affiliates and vendors with maximized convenience. JVShare connects the all levels affiliates with vendors to make multiple figures launches. This’s a win win game which balances the benefit of both two parties.

JVShare focuses on driving customers to every product launched on its platform, bringing large income stream for vendors and their affiliates.

Especially, during the introducing phase, this platform offers user much more features than ever at any affiliate sites. In particular, JVShare provides vendors with free web pages, launching page, sale page, bonus page, funnel builders,… In other way around, it gives affiliates motivation algorithm, lifetime cookie, free subscription,…

About the Developers


JVShare LLC is a system by Andrew Darius of ExplaindioTM LLC and his associates. As an industry veteran who started as an affiliate in 2003, Andrew has been making many successful launches and claimed different awards for top affiliate and vendor winners.

With his huge experience, he has developed JVShare as a place for all affiliate and vendors to get the best mutual benefits. Once you join this system, you will see how it overcomes all the limitations of other formed platforms and creates a great environment for affiliate marketing industry to flourish on.

How To Make Money on JVShare

What can JVShare offer you? Joining this system, you got two choice on hand: become a vendor or work as an affiliate. Now let’s follow me to explore more about these two options.


Become an Affiliate

  • Get paid immediately: you will be able to receive your commission instantly the purchase is made. The money will be transferred directly to your PayPal account.
  • Lifetime cookie: you’ll never worry about your cookie will expire and the commission from your customers will be gone with the wind.
  • Completely free membership: JVShare doesn’t charge its affiliates. Here you have everything to generate income. Your commission is all yours. This platform is 100% free to use for affiliates.
  • Up to 100% commission: Most offers usually pay 50% commission as maximum for affiliates. But here in JVShare, you can get up to 100% commission for every sale you made.
  • Highest converting offers: JVShare shares with all affiliates, from newbie to advanced, the highest and most profitable offers it launches. You can access to the wide variety of promisingly converting products.
  • Coupons and Deals: As I said, you have everything here. JVShare offers you many coupons and deals to close your purchase quickly and increase your conversion.
  • Bigger Payouts: Better offers to maximize your earnings for affiliates.
  • Full Stats: Affiliates will get the complete analytics, including the real time statistics of all information you need to know about the deal and the product.


Become a Vendor

  • Free jump start: During the launching time, vendors don’t have to pay any pennies for hitchhiking in this system. It’s totally free start.
  • Only 2% fee: After the introducing time, if you’re satisfied, you can stay. And at that time, JVShare will charge only 2% fee. This’s the whole fee you have to pay, 2% and no more extra charging on your sales. One more thing is you just have to pay only when you make a sale working for your own merchant account and your PayPal.
  • Tap into army of affiliates: You’ve already read the affiliate benefits above? That’s attractive, right? That’s the reason why a number of affiliates will join this platform and you can connect with them. All of them can get access to your products, whether it’s Ebook, physical products, digital marketing, software, subscriptions,… The whole army of affiliates can promote your products here.
  • Affiliate Motivation Algorithm Built In: You can access to thousands of affiliates but that doesn’t mean this platform isn’t selective. The special algorithm of JVShare will connect you with the affiliates who can send you the best traffic. The system will identify the best converting offers depending on affiliate needs.
  • The Propriety Enhanced JVShare JVPay System: Vendors can get access to the Propriety Enhanced JVShare JVPay System. with this system, you and your associates can choose whether the commission will be paid instantly or on soecific milestone instead of waiting for 2 months of more.
  • True All-In-One Platform: JVShare offers you the complete funnel sale and everything you need as a vendor landing page, sale page, bonus page,.. And all of these are free.
  • JVShare White Label Share Program: You can get access to JVShare White Label Share Program. With this program, you can offer white label licensing quickly.
  • Significantly increase your sales: as a vendor on JVShare, you’ll improve your sale significantly with 1-click upsells, optimized funnels, product bundles, order bumps, free trials, payment plans,…
  • Earn Much More Money From Recurring Subscriptions: by reducing churn rate, JVShare helps you increase the income from subscription. Because this will suspend and reactivate subscriptions. Your customers also receive reminders to update their payment in case it expires.


Right after you sign up successfully, you will received the complete instruction to create your accounts as well as connect to your payment gate. You can get more information about the procedure for affiliate here and for vendor here.

With JVShare, you don’t need to get the direction through Muncheye like before. Instead, you can request the products right on the launch list. More conveniently, this launch list will be put directly at the dashboard. As I’ve emphasized in this JVShare Review, you have everything to make money within this platform.

JVshare FAQ’s:

When you are a vendor:

What is the fee for selling on JVShare?

Only 2% (you save 60% vs your competition)

And If you make less than $500 gross sales in any given month, starting from 2nd month, a $9.95 maintenance fee will be charged. There is no any maintenance fee for any month in which you make more than $500 gross sales.

What is amember plugin and how to integrate it into this platform?

Amember is a membership website and JVshare offers a plugin to be used to integrate on Amember platform.

How do I do a test with full JVshare IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) data?

Kindly set up product on JVshare and make it $0.01, after that please purchase the product which will send IPN call you are looking for.

Why I can’t see Affiliate Invitation Option in my Account?

A Vendor should have at least one approved product to see this option.

When you are a affiliate:

Does Link Cloakers Work With This Platform?

As another level of cookie stealing protection, it is not possible to iframe JVshare purchase. If you use link Cloaker please switch it to redirect since JVshare will not allow for purchase while in iframe.

How JVshare Advanced Cookie Stealing Protection works?

You can learn more about it here

What JVshare Slogan “Encrypted Affiliate Link Technology” means?

Encrypted Affiliate Link Technology is advanced affiliate link creation technology to protect affiliate from stealing they cookie by changing affiliate ID within affiliate link.

Price and Evaluation

Right now, during the launching time, everything in JVShare is free, for both affiliates and vendors. The charge for vendors will only be valid after introducing time. With a lot of benefit like these, I think this is a great place to purchase your affiliate marketing and earn huge income, both as affiliates and vendors.

As an affiliate, you don’t need anything to start here, in contrast, you receive everything you need and want. As a vendor, with only 2% fee, you get the whole sale system and the vast network of affiliates to promote your products. This’s a real steal.

In conclusion, this is an amazing environment for affiliate marketing. I hope my JVShare Review could give you every information you need to know about it. Let’s give it a try quickly because it’s all free for now


If you have any questions regarding JVshare platform, please feel free to contact me via the comment form below or contact form. I will respond to your email as soon as I’m able.

Thanks for reading this and see you later.

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