You must be curious about how I was born and grown up and what made me changed my mind to become a self-employed businessman than a full-time staff working 8 hours a day. My name is Roger Goshis – founder of Onireview. It sounds strange, isn’t it? The name has nothing to do with the site’s name. In fact, the idea of the site’s name comes from my sudden inspiration; I just want to make it brief. And by this way maybe more people will know more about me I guess?

The fact is, my childhood has nothing to do with what I am doing today and every single day after. It just started when I realized I am in love with it; I love the job which I can spend 15 hours a day tirelessly working. My dad even gagged: Fuck! is it food on your computer. I just smiled and asked if he wanted to taste some. Back to the past, a little wine, a little of impulsiveness of the youth, some girls, and the law of attraction. I dare to bet that people once were or are being that way, they are affected by so many things. Do you feel you are one of them? And those things are wonderful, aren’t they? I loved them too until everything around me seems to be too merciless to me. It started to ask myself where my personal value was and what the hell I was doing with my life. I asked myself why I was attracted to so many things. My words had no impact; I had no friends, no money. So what was I living for?

It was just a random circumstance when I read this famous book and I think you may have read or listened to a couple of times, or you may have seen its name somewhere. I didn’t know, but I am sure that you know it. The book is “Think rich and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. It inspires me to be more ambitious, and it teaches me how I can be friend with those who can create the values I even haven’t thought of before. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend this book because it will change you just like it has been changing me.

So what made me want to become a free marketer?

When I felt like I myself didn’t have any value, I decided to find a job to invest my effort in instead of depraving myself with things that shouldn’t have existed in my life. But I did know where and how to start. I surfed on some job-searching website; I found one that I thought it would fit me because I read a little bit about it. I started as an SEO staff, and my job was just finding the websites, synthesizing the curating the content from the ideas already existing. And when I had to search and read a lot, I found the authors writing about themselves like they were actually writing about me. I felt like I can sympathize their feelings and I was entirely convinced by the words from the pens that don’t even exist, I don’t even know who they are. I decided to be their customers, and I bought some eBooks from them. I wanted to know what it felt like being a customer, as much as I want to know how you feel. And do you know what I hate the most about being a customer? It’s the lies, the affected promises. Still, I respect the way they convince me. They just don’t know how to keep me as a long-term customer to repurchase their products. Put asides these things; the rest is awesome. And yeah, I bought an ebook showing me how to create a website and monetize it. I am still doing it every day. I don’t want to jump on any other path when I haven’t actually succeeded with it. And that’s how I became a marketer.

About Onireview

Maybe now you know I am an affiliate marketer. Thus here on my website, I want to evaluate the products that I believe they really work and are actually potential. They are helpful because I was also in your position. I know all the sweet words and their bitter consequences, I know all the seduction and temptation from the secrets. Be cautious and make the wise choices. I don’t guarantee that the things you see here will help you earn money, but I surely guarantee that they can walk you through the game.

Kindly regards.