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Welcome to my SpyStream 2.0 Review! In this review today we’ll unwrap a revolutionary product which can boost your conversion instantly. It’s no joke. With deeper understanding about customers, we can improve our sale.

That’s customer behavior analytics I’m talking about. We all know customer behavior is important for marketing. From the first days, we tried learn what people would see when coming to a store and then placed signs, or arranged the bottles on the shelves to draw attention. It’s all about behaviors.

When online business develops today, we tries to know where folks click, how often they visit a site,… All of these things are to understand customers. So, in this review, I’ll introduce to you a software which can help you so much in understanding customer behaviors.

And here it is! Let’s explore the product SpyStream 2.0 with me!

SpyStream 2.0 Overview

  • Vendor: Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav
  • Product: SpyStream 2.0
  • Launch Date: November 18th, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front – End Price: $27
  • Sale Page:
  • Niche: General
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended

What is SpyStream 2.0?

To explain why it has the tail 2.0, there’s an original version called SpyStream. However, I wanna say it’s still a whole new product because the first version was just a WP plugin.

Launched in JVZoo in November, SpyStream 2.0 is a product which allows you to track all your customers’ behaviors on the sites you set up. You can watch the complete recording screen of their visiting on your sites: where they click, how many times they click in a spot, where they hover their mouse,…

What’s more is SpyStream 2.0  is also a SaaS app, so you can freely have the access 24/7 without limits as long as you have the Internet connection. It’s very convenient for you to manage and control you pages efficiently and have suitable next move instantly.

One more thing is SpyStream 2.0 doesn’t put the limit on what kind of page you can spy. Instead, you can integrate this system into sale page, landing page, squeeze page or whatever you want.

So, are you excited yet? Or just curious? Let’s follow me in this SpyStream 2.0 Review to find out more!

About the author

SpyStream2.0 was developed by Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav. After creating SpyStream last year, they received many favorable feedbacks from online marketers which hoped they can turn this amazing idea into a software to use on any sites instead of only WP. And they did it. This November, SpyStream 2.0 came out with many updates.

Both of these guys have been working on IM for long with much experience. They are also familiar vendors on different affiliate platforms such as Warrrior Plus or JVZoo. You should check out some of their products like VidviralLeadOHM,…

The Great Features of SpyStream 2.0

Next, in this SpyStream 2.0 Review, we’ll turn to the outstanding features of this product. This part of my review will focus on the most profitable which will be your key to bring huge revenue.

Completely cloud-based

As I said, a SaaS will give you the great convenience to check out how things are going. The more modern and developing Internet is, the more flexible we are. You can’t stick to your laptop. With the instant access to your account, you can sign in anywhere to control your sites.

Video session replay

SpyStream 2.0 allows you to watch the whole things your visitors were doing as recording screen videos. This feature helps you visualize exactly how the leads were doing in your sites.

Secure tracking

This cloud app makes it possible for you to track and store all the data on cloud easily and securely. No matter what page builder service you’re using, SpyStream 2.0 can integrate on it effectively.

Deep Analytics

Right within the app, SpyStream 2.0 offers you all the information about your visitors: their frequency, their geographical location, age, and the statistics will be shown in charts for better illustration.

Heat map tracking

You may have heard of the heat map in football where you can point out the active areas of each player and their frequency. Similarly, SpyStream 2.0 gives you the heat map with your pages where you track the frequency of your visitors. You can also search by page, time and date, …

eCom Tracking Suite

Like Google Adword, SpyStream 2.0 helps you know where you leads come from, organic search or redirecting, what key words they use to find your pages,…

Multiple manage you pages

From only one dashboard, you can manage all the sites you set up. SpyStream 2.0 doesn’t limit on the number of sites you can apply in one account.

Top referrals

With this feature, you can see where you can get most traffic from. From this, you can identify the traffic source better.

No monthly fees or extra costs

This’s a one-time payment with no recurring cost so you can save thousands of dollars of subscription.

And there are much more amazing features are waiting for you to discover but I think these’re enough in this SpyStream 2.0 Review. All of the tools are built to help you understand your clients better day by day. We are created with habits and we follow certain rules in daily lives, even purchasing something.

For that’s reason, SpyStream 2.0 helps you understand the visitors’ past behaviors and expect their next moves better. So, we can customize our marketing strategies to adapt to the targeted customers, increasing the conversion and the sale.

How to use?

There’s a feature I want to save for this part in my SpyStream 2.0 Review, which is its ease and friendliness. It’s true. You can easily use this app with no high level skills. Form the friendly-user dashboard, you will see all the tabs with clear headline.

Within the demo video below, Rohan Chaudhari and his colleagues, the creator of SpyStream app, is going to show how the software works.

Personal Experience

From the first time I use this, I really liked that it can help me watch all my visitors’ activity logs. I could see how they hesitated at a product, what they had typed in but then deleted. In particular, I put a panel at site. I didn’t realize that much until I saw many visitors had to scroll many time to see what’s behind that panel. Thanks to this product, I could design my page for better convenience.

Pros and Cons


  • User friendly and easy to use, even a newbie can quickly grab it at first use
  • Support tracking on all pages and on all page builders
  • Manage multiple sites from one dashboard
  • Entry and exit statistics


I haven’t noticed any errors

Price and Evaluation

The front end price for SpyStream 2.0 is $27 for only one time payment on the whole lifetime use. You won’t have to pay extra expense further. This’s really an affordable price. In case you want more features, I want to introduce some upsell version in this review, too.

The first is OTO1 web stream which will cost you $67. Another package is SpyStream White Label worth $97. This OTO2 is a real business needs especially for marketing agency. You can help your clients understand their problems better than ever.

So, that’s what I want to share with you about this product in my SpyStream 2.0 Review. In conclusion, I think this is a great and potential app, which can improve efficiently your conversion based on the understanding of customer behaviors.

SpyStream FAQ’s:

What do I get if I choose the Resellers License?

You’ll get the ability to sell unlimited copies or install SpyStream 2.0 as a service on other companies sites & keep 100% of the profits.

Can I resell SpyStream on blackhat sites or forums?

You can’t sell this on blackhat sites, PLR sites or forums. To make serious money, you don’t need to do that and shouldn’t be in your best interest anyway.

When can I start making money with the SpyStream resell rights?

You can immediately use SpyStream the second you get it. You can start reselling it starting Nov 29th.

Can I offer SpyStream as a bonus or sell it for free?

No you can’t offer this as a bonus or give the software away. It needs to be a paid sale equal to or greater than $67 or the price listed on this sales page. If you want full control over pricing, there is a way to upgrade to whitelabel rights after purchasing the reseller version.

I’ll be able to think about it and come back when I’m ready to get the resellers license, right?

Sorry, but the resellers opportunity is only for early adopters and will be changed to just a regular developers license as soon as tomorrow. Also, the price shown will be increasing steadily throughout the launch until it because a monthly WEB program.

Thanks for reading this and I’ll see you in with better reviews later.

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