SuperPowerPPT Review – An All-in-one Tool For Any Marketer!

SuperPowerPPT Review – Introduction


No one can deny that jaw-dropping digital content leaves a profound impression on the audience, which results in high engagement and conversion. Due to this, these days, digital marketers non-stop take effort and learn to create eye-catching content such as videos, presentations, slides, and webinars, etc.

I am one of the people who are always looking for solutions to fill my website with the greatest things. Still, most of the tools I used to go through are supportive of a single type of content only. In other words, I need to use one tool for videos, another tool for webinars, another one for presentations, and so on. This is really time-consuming and uneconomical.

Therefore, when I started using about SuperPowerPPT – a masterpiece from SuperGoodProduct, I felt so relieved. From then on, I could create highly-converting and high-impact visual content with absolutely no string attached.

Are you curious about the tool itself? Then, let’s move to the next parts in my SuperPowerPPT to discover its features.

SuperPower PPT Rating!!
  • Price
  • Features
  • Easy To Use
  • Support


The advantage and disadvantage of SuperPower PPT

- Cloud-based tool
- PowerPoint-based product
- Easy to use
- Over 10,000 templates
- No extra fee
- Create stunning visual content with ease
- Lifetime access

- So far, not any.

SuperPower PPT – Overview

  • Vendor: Nelson Long (SuperGoodProduct)
  • Product: SuperPowerPPT Membership
  • Launch Date: August 11th, 2019
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37.5
  • Niche: Powerpoint Template
  • Sales Page:
  • Bonus: Yes! Huge
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend!

What is SuperPowerPPT?

SuperPowerPPT is a cloud-based tool which provides you with an immense collection of over ten thousand templates in various styles and themes. Plus, all of them can serve multiple purposes such as videos building, slideshows, social media ads, promotional materials, and a lot more.

SuperPowerPPT membership allows you to get access to its enormous library with growing slides and templates. Based on these materials, you can produce your own unique videos, presentations, and so many other things. The best part is that you only need this single tool.

The designer team behind this tool have been working so hard to update the collection with ultra-creative content regularly. Indeed, SuperPowerPPT was first established in 2014. Since then, the team has been keeping it updated day by day.

The Author


The creator of this tool is Nelson Long (Also known with the name
SuperGoodProduct). I bet that if you have worked long enough in the marketing field, you will find this name really familiar.

Indeed, this team is well-known with numerous successful launches such as Conceptual Pictures, Green Screen Backdrops, VideoResource Club, Flexible Images Club, Big Audio Club, and so on.


Their products are mainly templates for videos, animation, and presentation, etc. This team gathers a lot of talented developers and marketers, who painstakingly take effort to create the best for customers. For further detail of this group, you can reach their website at

By the look at this, I firmly believe that their latest launch with SuperPowerPPT will soon become a market-dominating product.

Outstanding Features Of SuperPowerPPT

This ultimate solution for creating visual content and videos comes with a handful of killing features. Hereafter are some of them, let’s discover:

The largest library of templates

It lets you approach one of the biggest growing collection of slides and templates. In this library, there are templates for making videos, animation slides, social media, presentation, infographic, slideshow. The list of assets in this collection goes on and on.

PowerPoint-based product

It comes with no difficulty to start and manage. Since everything is customizable with PowerPoint, there is nothing you need to worry about.

PowerPoint is renowned as one of the most accessible software but most potent that anyone can start right away. Therefore, with its assistance, you will be free of sophisticated guidelines and get used to it shortly.


It brings reliability to users. Being established in 2014, SuperPowerPPT has been growing ever since. Unlike other products which just take your money and stop, this one provides on-going values to users. Simply put, it keeps growing to bring you even excellent content every day.

Flexible access and download

It enables you to get access and download all the content 24/7 and 365 days annually. No restriction!

Commercial right included

It comes with a commercial right, which lets you use the content in its collection to for your own commercial purposes. This way, you do not need to pay any extra fee for additional licenses.

Unlimited unique digital materials

It allows you to create endless presentations, slideshows, promotional materials, social media ads, sales pitch, webinars, and so on.

How Does SuperPowerPPT Work?

To start editing the slides and templates, all you need is to have PowerPoint available on your computer or laptop. The producer recommends using PowerPoint 2016. Other versions may have certain limits. Good news is that SuperPowerPPT works well with PowerPoint in both Window and Mac.

Take a look at SuperPowerPPT templates and see what it can do for you

And lots of powerpoint templates you can use in the superpowerppt’s library.


Who Should Use SuperPowerPPT?

In my view, this product is going to be a great choice for everyone. Indeed, for many marketers, it is pivotal to create stunning visual content.

Meanwhile, SuperPowerPPT includes everything they need to produce the most eye-catching content. Thus, if I narrow the list of users, it would be nonsense.

Provided that you are still active in the marketing field, you will probably need SuperPowerPPT.

Evaluation and Price

By now, you have got a glimpse of SuperPowerPPT’s features, let’s find out its price!

In this initial launch, to bring home this tool, you will only have to pay $37.5.

Can you believe this? With less than $40, you can access to 10,000+ templates and create jaw-dropping digital visual content. Plus, upon purchase in this early launch, you have to pay one time only, but you can access their current and upcoming content without any extra fee. Isn’t that great?

So, to get started, Click Here or just click the button below.


Besides, there are 3 OTOs with additional features for you to select:

OTO 1: SuperPowerPPT Ultimate Library Upgrade

The Ultimate Library upgrade, the Ultimate Library is the “Ultimate” upgrade where your customers can get access to the ultimate library where there are 5 times more contents and 10 times more updates.

You can choose from:

OTO 2: Video Resource Club Special Offer

Get unlimited access and downloads to Video Resource Club one of largest video resources library featuring thousands of HD stock videos, niche video templates, spokesperson videos, video scripts, voice overs, motion backgrounds, special effects videos and many more video resources.

You can get access to the Video Resource Club at a 50% discounted price no recurring fees!

Selling for $33.50 >>Check Here!<<

OTO 3: Video Resource Club Platinum Upgrade Offer

(This offer will shown only if you bought OTO 2: Video Resource Club Special Offer)

This is the platinum upgrade for Video Resource Club where you can upgrade to the Video Resource Club Platinum library where you can get access to the Platinum library with 13K more video resources and more updates.

Selling for $67 >>Check Here!<<

Note: Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Pros and cons


  • Cloud-based tool
  • PowerPoint-based product
  • Easy to use
  • Over 10,000 templates
  • No extra fee
  • Create stunning visual content with ease
  • Lifetime access


So far, not any.

SuperPowerPPT FAQ’s

Is this a cloud based library?

Yes SuperPowerPPT is a cloud based library and you can access the assets at anytime and from anywhere you want. Plus new assets are being released on a regular basis and as a member you get access to them too.

Do I get to access everything by joining as a member?

Yes absolutely, you get unlimited access and download to everything for a onetime payment and no recurring fees ever during this promotional period.

What license will I get with the assets?

You will receive commercial rights which permit you to use the assets for any of your personal or commercial project. You can also use the files for your client’s project, but you cannot resell or distribute the assets.

Do you add new assets to the library regularly?

Absolutely, new slides and templates are added regularly to the ever growing SuperPowerPPT library and as a member you will have access to all the new fresh contents too.

Important refund information.

Please note all refund must done through JVZoo not PayPal. If you want to request for a refund please open a support ticket at If you open a dispute on PayPal it will only delay the entire refund process and it can take up to weeks or even months to get the refund processed.

User Experience and Last Thought

I have to say that SuperPowerPPT is worth your investment. The templates are diversified, enormous, spectacular, and, on top of that, appealing.

Besides, there are two things I am impressed most about this tool.

First of all, there is no complicated installation. All the templates are editable in PowerPoint with ease. This is very important and helpful, especially for newbies.

Secondly, it is continuously updated without any recurring fee. In other words, you do not need to pay any extra dime to use its fresh content for your own projects during your lifetime. So far, I believe this is the tool’s unique selling point!

Undoubtedly, with SuperPowerPPT by my side, there is no longer need for any visual content makers.

To wrap up all of the information I mentioned above, I want to give this product a score of 9/10. With such a huge source of templates for marketing materials, this tool can help you save a great deal of time and money.

I hope that you find my SuperPowerPPT Review useful and reach a buy decision soon. The reasonable price mentioned earlier will only be available during the introductory launching time. Take action early to grab it before too late.




VectorGiant: The Vector Giant is the world’s biggest vector graphics collection, the package is a complete mammoth boosting more than 15,000 scalable vector graphics covering hundreds over themes. Some of the big guys still charge $10 to even $50 for one single vector graphic with commercial rights but with Vector Giant you get more than 15,000 vector graphics for not just price of one but fraction of it not mentioning you also get full commercial license with it.


Conceptual Pics: The Conceptual Pictures Bundle is packed with an extensive list of conceptual emotions and ideas such as anger, anxiety, happiness, growth, fear, love and all the emotions and ideas that you need to create any situations.

3600 Stock Photos Package Bonus

3600 Stock Photos Package: Huge stock photos collection organized into list of easy to browse categories.

500 Images with Transparent BG Pack Bonus

500 Images with Transparent BG Pack: Bundle of more than 500 high resolution stock images with transparent background in various categories and themes.


1400 Premium Clip Arts Bonus

1400 Premium Clip Arts: Collection of 1400 premium clip arts organized into various different categories so you can find the clip art you need easily. All the clip arts are in transparent PNG format so you can drop them and integrate into any project easily.

Ambient Sound Collection Bonus

Ambient Sound Collection: The Ambient Sounds Collection is an unique collection of more than 55 high quality ambient sound in WAV format.

500 Sounds FX Bonus

500 Sounds FX: The 500 Sounds FX collection is a huge bundle of more than 500 high quality sound effects in WAV format in various themes.

429 Music Tracks Bonus

429 Music Tracks: Huge bundle of more than 420 full length music tracks covering various unique categories such as chill, techno, cinematic and many more!


Step 1: Buy SuperPowerPPT on my site

>>>>CLICK HERE!<<<<

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon in my next reviews!

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