Video Marketing Blaster Review – Proven SEO Tool for Your Video Rankings

Video Marketing Blaster Review – Why you need it?


Recent statistic figures from both Google and Facebook pointed out that videos are becoming more and more popular among Internet users. The numbers of videos uploaded as well as viewers are increasing quickly, and this trend is expected to continue. As a result, videos are the most prominent tool to get high conversion rates and traffic in any niches.

However, you will never earn the amount of traffic you want unless you manage to get first-page rankings for your promotional videos on Google and YouTube search engines. SEO has been a headache for many marketers since traditional methods such as backlinks, posting on social media, etc. are not really effective anymore.

Fortunately, I have found an alternative that every marketer can use effortlessly. It’s the first application to implement the analysis of Google ranking algorithms to make your videos accessible to the majority of viewers. The software I am mentioning is Video Marketing Blaster. It helps you to find targeted keywords from your competitors, and to create titles that Google loves. To have a powerful SEO tool for your business, check out my Video Marketing Blaster review!

Video Marketing Blaster Rating!!
  • Price
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy To Use


The main features that i like in this software

- Potent SEO Tool for Videos
- Keyword Finder
- Optimizing Texts to Put in Your Videos
- Boosting Traffic, Leads, and Conversion Rates on Complete Autopilot
- Proven Results
- Installed Application
- One-time Payment

Video Marketing Blaster Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Ali G.
  • Product: Video Marketing Blaster
  • Sales Page:
  • Launch Date: 2017-Oct-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is an innovative SEO tool focusing on video rankings on Google and YouTube search results. As I have mentioned, videos are a powerful tool that can boost traffic, leads, and conversion rates for any products. Therefore, this application should be considered by every marketer.

The software contains a process to analyze how Google implement their ranking algorithms. These are what determines your position on the search results. With this understanding, the application helps you to find out crucial keywords, and to combine them into viral titles, descriptions, and tags to bring your videos into the first pages of Google or YouTube.

This software eliminates all of the guesswork and learning process, allowing any users to reach their goals of traffic and conversion rates with their video. There is no requirement in terms of skills or experience to get success.

About the Authors


Ali G is a rising star in the online marketing field with creative products such as Social Interest Freak, SociConnect, 1st Place Penguin, WP Mobile Assault, etc. His innovative approaches when designing a new product has helped a lot of marketers to reduce their workloads while raising their profits. You will easily recognize his unique way of working in this application.

What are the Features of Video Marketing Blaster?

Potent SEO Tool for Videos

Videos are the best tools for online marketing, no matter the niches you are working in. They can raise your traffic, leads, and sales quickly due to their widespread existence. Thus, marketers simply cannot ignore videos in their marketing campaigns.

Although Internet users are eager to watch viral videos, you need to expose your videos to the audience first. That’s why first-pages rankings on Google and YouTube are crucial to your success, and Video Marketing Blaster is the tool that will help you reach that goals almost immediately and effortlessly. It’s a SEO specifically designed for videos, and its operating mechanism is never seen before.

Keyword Finder


Now, we will explore how Video Marketing Blaster works in details. The keyword finder is the first module of the application. Instead of spending numerous hours searching for your competitors’ keywords, which is highly unsuccessful, you will get those precious keywords in minutes with this finder.

You just need to type in the niches or products you are promoting, and the best, buyer keywords will come to you for future usage.

Optimizing Texts to Put in Your Videos


After getting the keywords, a lot of marketers don’t know what to do with them. This is where the second module of Video Marketing Blaster comes to the rescue. It combines the keywords that were just found out into viral, highly-targeted titles, descriptions, and tags that are frequently used by buyers or Internet users.

Those titles, descriptions, and tags are what help Google engines to rank your videos. Now, you get a proven formula without any guesswork, trials, or frustration.

Boosting Traffic, Leads, and Conversion Rates on Complete Autopilot


The software works while requiring you to push only three buttons. Other tasks like searching for keywords or creating buyer titles are done automatically. Thus, you can raise your profits from increased sales, traffic, and conversions without doing anything.

Proven Results


The software has gathered numerous sales, and most of the users have been positive about its effects. There is no reason to worry about its capability to serve your business.

Installed Application

You need to install this SEO tool on your computers before using it. The software only works for Window operating systems, so you will need a virtual machine like VMware to use it if you own a Macbook. I personally think this can be inconvenient to some users, especially when it also does not support any types of smartphones.

One-time Payment

There is no monthly fee for this software; you buy it just once and enjoy optimizing your video rankings forever.

How to Use It?

The system is extremely easy to use; you just need to click some buttons step-by-steps:

  • Step.1: Install the application on your device
  • Step.2: Enter a niche to search for keywords from your competitors
  • Step.3: Get those keywords and use them to generate appropriate titles or descriptions
  • Step.4: Use the generated titles for your videos

For more details, watch this demo video:

Why Should You Buy It?

You Want to Dominate Your Competitors with Videos

Promotional websites are not as effective as videos in the current situation, and you do not have to pay to host them. Videos can bring you massive amounts of traffic, leads, and sales with its high conversion rates and attractiveness, but you need first-pages rankings for this strategy to work.

That is the reason you should get Video Marketing Blaster to help you, it gives you buyer, targeted keywords to get an edge over your competitors on the Google search results. You will reach desirable profits in no time.

You Want the Results to Come Quickly, and No Learning Curve

Old methods for SEO like backlinks force you to pay huge sums of money, while the results are not guaranteed. Cracking the Google algorithms is the best way to do, but it needs technical skills and many years of working. Fortunately, the authors of Video Marketing Blaster have done the job for you, and you can enjoy the profits quickly without any requirements.

Pros and Cons


  • First-page rankings for any videos
  • Keyword finder
  • Analyzing your competitors and get their secrets
  • No guesswork is involved
  • Guaranteed results
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Boosting your business with a small investment


  • Need virtual machines to use on Mac

Video Marketing Blaster FAQ’s:

What are the System Requirements for this software?

Video Marketing Blaster works on Microsoft Windows® platform. It runs on Windows Xp, Server, 7,8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). In order to have a good streaming quality, the creator recommend at least an intel i3 CPU and 4GB of memory.

If you want to run on Mac, you need to use a Windows Virtual Machine like Parallels or VMware.

Who Is Video Marketing Blaster For?

Beginners and experts alike.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing video marketing,seo, ecommerce, local marketing or social media marketing… VMB will work for you and your business!

Do I get free updates?

Yes! Absolutely. You will receive over the air updates. Whenever the creator will release a new update, the software will automatically update to latest version.

In this way you are always sure you are running the latest version of Video Marketing Blaster.

What is the link to your support desk?

If you have any questions or problems, you can open a ticket in the support desk. Go to for that.

Comparison with Other Products from My Experience

I have never encountered any products like Video Marketing Blaster. Most of other SEO tools on the market focus on obsolete methods, so their results are likely not satisfying. On the other hands, this application knows how Google programs their search engines, and you will get a short-cut to success by exploiting their system.


If you are not an expert in SEO, which requires many years to achieve, you will probably need some tools to overcome the fierce competition. I recommend you to check out Video Marketing Blaster; this cutting-edge application is the first software to successfully understand Google algorithms to provide instant results.

The front-end version is only $27; it’s very little compared to what you can benefit from getting the first-page rankings on Google for your videos. Moreover, within 30 days after purchasing, you can get a full refund by sending an email.


A quick note: I’m a marketer. So if you decide to buy the products reviewed here, it will give me a little commission. Put real trust when you feel believe in someone. I’m not sure that everything works smoothly, but I’m sure that when you buy through the divine buttons on this site, you have nothing to lose. The 30-day risk-free guarantee is always ready to refund. In addition, you will also receive large amounts of bonuses from my site.


Click Here to Get Video Marketing Blaster SEO Tool and All Bonuses

If you have any questions regarding VMB (Video Marketing Blaster) or the bonus packages here. Please feel free to contact me via the comment form below or contact form. I will respond to your email as soon as I’m able.

Thank you for reading my Video Marketing Blaster Review! I hope it gives you some useful information to improve your business. Bye!

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