Vidlock Review – Best Way To Harness Viral Traffic!

Vidlock Review – How To Tap Into A Large Amount Of Viral Traffic Easily?


Profiting from marketing isn’t something unusual these days. The number of people joining marketing field keep on growing and growing day by day. However, unlike the number of people doing it, the number of those who can actually make money from it is completely opposite.

This happens because they don’t know how to properly do marketing. They don’t know how to get a good traffic stream, which is a key to success in this career. The professionals have to pay for countless things in order to get qualified traffic. But if you don’t have as much money like them, what can you do?

The answer is very simple. You just need to use the brand new product, Vidlock. It is a software that can help you tap into a large amount of viral traffics easily. Viral traffics are the best type of traffic because they are 100% free, so getting them will benefit you a lot. Interesting, right? Want to know more? Check out the rest of my Vidlock Review!

Vidlock Rating!!
  • Price
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy To Use


Pros and cons


- Easy to use
- Require no prior experience
- 100% customizable
- Detailed analytics
- Increase viral traffics
- Work well with WordPress
- No need for other software


- You need to purchase advanced package in order to unlock some functions

Vidlock Review – Overview

What is Vidlock?

In short, Vidlock is a software that was developed to help you get as many viral traffics as you want.  Using Vidlock, you will be able to get these traffics from the most popular object on the Internet: videos. It will allow you to legally lock viral videos and spread your sites across social media. So, if people want to watch these videos, they will have to share them to unlock them. This way, you will get tons of traffic.

Normally, in order to gain this amount of traffic, you either have to be a true pro or a millionaire. Paid ads, SEO, and several other things needed for marketing require a lot of money and time. And even when you try these, the chance you receive a huge amount of traffic is still slim. However, with Vidlock, you don’t have to worry about running into them. By just a few clicks of buttons, you can control both your videos and your income in minutes.

Moreover, when using Vidlock, you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience. The software contains special viral traffic training to help you with everything.  In the whole, it has you completely covered!

About Author


David Jones is a person who has a broad knowledge of marketing. He only has about a dozen products available on Jvzoo at the moment, but many people trust them. So you don’t need to worry about his products’ quality.

Feature and Benefit


Lock videos

This is the perfect way to make sure that your visitors will subscribe to you. You can program the video so that it only plays the first minutes. And then, when your visitors are completely attracted to the video, it stops right in the middle of the juicy part. By this way, your visitors will have to unlock it with their email, social share or even payment to continue watching.

Easily money from videos

Vidlocks allows you to do everything and anything you want to your videos. It can turn your videos into leads capture and help you build your email list. If you want, you can have your visitors share your videos across the social network to go on watching. The software even lets you sell access to your own videos!

Ad support and affiliate link support

Vidlock contains a powerful system that helps you show ads and affiliate links to your viewers. In order to activate this function, you just need to choose the “ads” feature. After that, you can make any ad you choose pop up in front of the videos.

Unlimited videos, pages, opt-ins

You can do whatever you want with the software with zero extra fees. The number of videos, pages, opt-ins, social shares and payment buttons you can create is unlimited. Same goes to the sites you can choose to upload those.

Training videos

Even if you don’t know how to drive traffic, it is still alright. When you purchase Vidlock, you will get the chance to access to its special training videos. Detailed instructions of how to use every aspect of Vidlock are all displayed there. You can turn from a zero to a hero in the nick of time.

30-day-money-back guarantee

If you happen to dislike Vidlock after having purchased it, don’t worry. You just need to return the product, and they will give you back your money. But remember, after a month, this feature will no longer effective.

Some other features

Aside from those mentioned above, Vidlock has multiple other features such as drag and drop editor, social integration, content curation…

How does it work?

Vidlock will ready to give you its best shot after a few simple steps. You can check out the demo video below for more detail.

Personal experience

Let me tell you something based on my own experience. Last year, I decided to join the online marketing career. Since there were many people made a living from doing this particular job, I thought it would be easy. After all, nobody would dive into something they couldn’t handle. Besides, I heard that when doing marketing, you just needed to sit at home, clicked a few buttons, and you got the money. It sounded like a perfect job for me.

But then, after a while of trying, I realized that doing marketing was truly a harsh task. It seemed that I had bitten more than I could chew. Tons of work needed to be done. Even when I had already uploaded the content, I still had no idea how to get a good traffic stream. Nobody seemed interested in my things. I tried everything I could think of, paid ads, SEO, solo ads… but nothing could help me. I even tried using some software, but none of them could do me anything rather than messing up with my head.

Then one day, I suddenly came across Vidlock. Compared to all of the methods I had tried, it was much cheaper. Also, many people seemed to trust it. I had nowhere else to turn to, so I decided to purchase the software. Turned out, that was my greatest decision! With Vidlock, I could easily make sure that everyone pays both attention and money to my videos. Ever since I purchased the software, the money in my account kept on rising and rising. Vidlock was such an amazing invention. I wanted everyone to know about it, so I decided to write this Vidlock Review.

Price and evaluation

Have you seen how useful Vidlock can be? Want to purchase it yet? If you do, the front-end price is $17. However, this exclusive price is only for the first launch. After that, it will hike up instantly. So, if you want Vidlock, I suggest you getting it as soon as possible.


Profiting from marketing will no longer be a problem as long as you use the right software. With Vidlock, you can bid farewell to the extravagant expense of making money online. I’m pretty sure that a lot of your rivals have gone out to buy it. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one already!

Also, thank you for reading my Vidlock Review.


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